Natural Connections

Waterline Square Park

An urban park seamlessly integrates lush greenery, walking paths, and modern architecture, providing a peaceful oasis amidst the city bustle.

A Natural Oasis on the Upper West Side

Creating a living, natural connection between the buildings the Park unifying Waterline Square celebrates regeneration and beauty. This cherished outdoor environment is at once a backyard and an oasis, accessible from each of the three residential towers, graced with sculptural fountains, manicured lawns, meandering paths, cascading water features and a fully-equipped children's playground.

aerial view of waterline park
The park from above
walking path
children’s Playground
child playing in interactive fountain feature
Waterline Square Interactive Fountain

I consider myself a designer of places that must heal or in some way contribute to the environment. On every project, we ask: Does it bring people together in positive ways? Does it seem likely to endure?

Waterline Square Park

waterline square park map

Welcome Home to Waterline Square

Overlooking the Hudson River and grounded in vibrant green space, rare design talent comes
together across three iconic towers.